Coast Essentials Refreshing Body Wash

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Coast is a line of showering products appeared since 1976, distributed by Procter & Gamble (P&G). Coast has many product lines, but the most famous is coast soap, which has been a product that has been storming around the world for more than 10 years because of its excellent quality, the fragrance is very pleasant, durable and the price is very reasonable.

The product helps to balance moisture without drying out the skin, providing a comfortable feeling after bathing. With the fragrance combined with antibacterial ingredients to cleanse the body, refresh your skin.

Helps you have a clean, smooth and fresh skin, effectively cleanses and nourishes the skin, provides a gentle fragrance, and creates a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Coast Body Wash male shower gel with scent combines antibacterial ingredients to clean the body, wash away dirt, bacteria awaken the senses and renew your skin. Coast Body Wash gives your skin a clean, soft, moisture balance and feels refreshed and comfortable after bathing.