Olsenmark Washing Machine 8.5KG

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D16,000 17000
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  • FULLY AUTOMATIC & ENERGY-EFFICIENT DESIGN - Our washing machine design with a fully automatic programmed, you can easily set the washing/spinning program and water levels according to your demand, which saves water and electricity. Once you set the washing machine program, just leave it alone to work and do your own staff.
  • POWERFUL MOTOR - The fully automatic washing machine designed with a powerful motor with wash power 420W & spin power 290W, max frequency of 50/60 Hz, save your time to clean clothes.
  • STAINLESS STEEL DRUM - Stainless Steel Drum with Diamond technology handles high spin speeds to ensure better drying without damage. It’s not plastic so, no Bacteria, No Germs. Its stainless steel drums so no rust, only long life.
  • HIGH-GRADE PLASTIC BODY – Olsenmark Washing Machine is made up of a high-quality plastic body. This high-grade plastic makes keeps this washing machine protected from rust and corrosion. This high-grade plastic is durable and non-breakable. It also provides a smooth surface to the washing machine's body, which helps you in its convenient cleaning. It also adds to the stylish looks of the washing machine.
  • GENTLE WASH - The Gentle wash option washes your delicate clothes with care. Foam and water meticulously clean them with easy pressure and slow rotation, which gives a gentle push to remove dirt easily and softly. Water circulates in the tub as the pulsator revolves. The detergent and water turn into foam, penetrating the fabric and cleaning it like a wash by hand. The laundry remains at its position because of no mechanical friction, does not get damaged.